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I keep getting a timeout error. How can I fix that?

This generally means that D4 successfully sent the request to the server, but the server failed to respond in a timely manner. For SNTP, that either means that the server isn’t working correctly or it means that firewall and/or virus software on the client machine is blocking UDP traffic.

If it’s the former, you can simply select another server and press OK. If that still doesn’t work after trying several different servers, it most likely indicates the latter. You should refer to your firewall and/or virus software documentation.

However, in the latest version of D4, version 5.3, we added support to sync the time via HTTP (which is not UDP based, but TCP based). If you don’t already have version 5, you can download it here.

Once installed, launch D4, and then: - Press the “Add” button - Fill out the server section as follows:

        Server: time.windows.com
        Location: USA, WA, Redmond
        Protocl: HTTP
        Notes: n/a

Press the "OK" button

That should work. If it doesn't, let us know.

Only one computer on my network has Internet access. How should I configure Dimension 4 in this environment?

Dimension 4 can act as both a time client AND a time server.

For example, if one machine (named A) has a connection to the internet and to a local area network, and another machine (named B) has only a connection to that local are network, you can run D4 on both A and B, configure D4 on A to sync to a publicly available time server (such as tick.usno.navy.mil), and you can configure B to connect to the machine named A.

On A (the machine that has internet access) just have it sync with whatever time server you want. That'll keep A's time correct. You don't need to do anything else on the A computer.

On B, Press the "Add" button in Dimension 4 to add a server. Set the server to be "A". The location isn't really important; it's only for the users of the system. Then set the protocol to "SNTP", "Time/tcp" or "Time/udp". SNTP is the best option. Unless you have a specific reason to, don't use Time/tcp or Time/udp. They're not as accurate.

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